10th annual ramona bluegrass festival

Music Workshops


12:30 – Peter Lauderbach – Mandolin Techniques

2:30 – Blue Creek –  Bluegrass Basics 

3:30 – Ash St. Ramblers – Beginners B.G. Jam

4:30 – Ash St. Ramblers – How Songs Are Made

Our well-attended Music Workshops will return again this year . We’ll have Peter Lauderbach teaching Mandolin techniques and a history of bluegrass instruments / The full Blue Creek Band with Bluegrass Basics” -Rythmn, solo, how to practice, basic theory, tempo, timing, tone, notes, harmonies / The Ash Street Ramblers will provide How Songs are Made  – building the rhythm, creating a chord structure, making a story, phrasing and rhyme, and adding breaks. They’ll also do a beginning bluegrass jam session.

.Let us know what else you might be interested in. The workshops will be going throughout most of the festival so give us a call and get signed up.


We’ll have signups when we get the festival started at noon, or you can contact Peter as well (info below). During the specific instrument’s workshop, other instruments can join in the jams. 


This year Peter Lauterbach will be back hosting our Workshops. You can reach Peter at 619-433-4834 with any questions about the workshops and also to sign up and register.